Prosper Rotary Club Meeting Notes of 09/14/2023
Prior to our regular members meeting, the chapter board met with (pictured left to right below) John Curtis, our District Governor, John's wife Janie Curtis, and Joy Hinkelman our District Assistant Governor. We discussed several issues key to our chapter's growth and development.
If you missed today’s meeting, you missed a super experience. We did a service project; we put together 200 bags of snacks and treats for the client kids of our club supported non-profit Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors (N3). It was a fun hands-on experience where everyone in attendance was able to contribute something of value for N3.
Harlan delivered the 200 bags to N3 Friday.
It felt good to actually do some hands-on work for one of our local non-profits, and I hope we can do something like that again soon.
To learn more about N3, follow this link,

We had five guests today.
John Curtis – our Rotary District Governor
Janie Curtis – John’s wife and Polio Eradication Leader
Joy Hinkelman – our Rotary Assistant District Governor
Regina Bumagny – invited by Jessica Mills (Regina is pictured on the left below - Joy Hinkelman on the right)
Suzanne D'Amico - 2nd time visitor (pictured below)
Prosper Rotary Club
2022 Impact Statement
In case you need a refresher, here’s a copy of our 2022 impact statement. As a reminder, we support at least 17 non-profit organizations and causes financially and man-power wise. See the Bolded names below for reference.
  1. Supported Our Youth
  • 28/$35,000 – Collin College Scholarships
  • 4/$2,800 – Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Sponsorships
  • 4 – Community Service Opportunities
  • 3 – Performance Opportunities
  1. Supported Veterans Memorial
  • $25,000 – Rotary Contribution 
  • $11,075 – Flag Subscriber Donation
  • $272,981/$171,481 – Pledged/Collected Through December 2022
  1. Supported Community Partners
  • $19,630 Contribution to 12 Organizations (i.e., Beyond Able, Boy & Girls Club, CASA, Cornerstone NCT, LovePacs, ManeGait, Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors (N3), Young Men’s Service League (YMSL), Angel Tree, Prosper High School Choir, Rock Hill High School Choir, Project Graduation and Teacher of the Year)
  1. Support of the Rotary Foundation
  • $38,000 – Contribution to the Rotary Foundation for future scholarships and worldwide causes like the eradication of polio
  1. Acknowledged Patriotic Holidays
  • 2,100 Flags Distributed During Five Patriotic Holidays