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Prosper Rotary Flag Program – FAQ

When did the Prosper Rotary Flag Program begin?

The Prosper Rotary started its flag program in 2009. Last year, we place over 1,100 flags throughout the neighborhoods of Prosper.

What do you get when you subscribe to the Prosper Rotary Flag Program?

You will have a 3’ x 5’ American Flag mounted on a metal pole placed (and retrieved) in front of your house on five patriotic holidays during the year: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day.

How much does it cost to participate in the Prosper Rotary Flag Program?

The current cost is $60 for the year with no proration for those who sign-up after the start of the annual season that begins with Memorial Day.

The $60 dollars is a donation to the Prosper Rotary Foundation which is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered with the IRS to receive tax deductible donations.

How are the flags installed?

A reusable plastic sleeve is installed approximately one foot inside the curb line generally in front of the front door and below the grass line. Its position is marked discreetly on the curb so that it may be easily found for the next holiday.

How are the funds raised by the Prosper Rotary Flag Program used?

Very modest direct overhead cost of the flag program are retained to cover the cost of the flags, poles sleeves, third-party credit card and software fees and distribution fees. In total, these are less than 10% of the generated revenue.

The remaining 90% plus is used to support nonprofit organizations and projects right here in the Prosper community. Examples include:

  • We provide scholarships to Collin College for graduating Prosper ISD Seniors. With the continued increases in enrollment, this opportunity will continue to grow.
  • Support Cornerstone NCT Family Assistance Network
  • Support Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors food pantry (formerly Bethlehem Place)
  • Kids Prosper Kids (Organization of Prosper ISD students supporting Ghanaian outreach)
  • Mane Gait (Prosper horsemanship rehab facility)
  • RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) we send 4 Prosper junior high schools students to a week-long leadership camp on full scholarship.
  • PISD Teacher of the Year recognition
  • ShelterBox-our International project providing crisis housing around the world
  • Christmas Angel-we provide gifts, food, and support for a number of Prosper families each holiday season
  • Other Prosper community focused programs and projects

How do I report a problem with my flag?

If you did not receive your flag or your flag is damaged, please use the following link to report the problem and we will work to resolve the issue:

Click here to report an issue with your flag.

I have moved. How can I change my address?

Please know that without enough notice of you moving, we cannot guarantee that your flag will be placed at your new address.

You can let us know you have moved by either:

  1. Using our online form here: Click here to report an issue with your flag.
  2. Or you can email with your Name, Old Address, and New Address.

We will take every effort possible to move your flag as quickly as possible. 


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