Prosper Rotary Club Meeting Notes of 10/19/2023
If you missed today’s meeting, we missed you too.
It was a very good day at our Rotary club. We have two new members as of today: Brandon Trainor and Otis Matthews. Both have visited before and chose to formally join us as of today. Please make a point to meet and welcome them at you earliest opportunity.
(Left) Brandon Trainor                                        (Right) Otis Matthews
We were blessed to have three young men join us today and speak about a relevant project/venture of theirs. CIVICLY is an app they are developing that will facilitate the needs of volunteers (initially targeting students) by presenting and matching volunteer opportunities in the community. It’s a great concept, and the young men appear to have a great start on building a tool that will be of great value to volunteers and non-profit organizations in need of those volunteers. I’m sure we’ll hear more from James Kim, Kavish Muthum, and Jamie Obala in the near future.
(Left to Right in First Photo Below) James Kim, Jamie Obala, Kavish Muthum
Chris Chiancone, CIO City of Carrollton
Practical Uses for Artificial Intelligence
A MESSAGE FROM JOEY WOMBLE - Concerning our Prosper Rotary 15th Anniversary Celebration.  
Hello Team,
Thank you for all the work that has already been done.
This event is shaping up to not only be a great celebration, but also, a way to appreciate our flag volunteers and recruit new members to the club.
             Location: Eagle Stadium Community Room
             Date: November 27
             Time: 6pm
             Catering: Babe’s Chicken
             Spouses Welcome!  Friends interested in Rotary Welcome!
             Please RSVP!
We will be doing the following:
             Honoring local town and school leadership
             Giving our appreciation to Flag Volunteers and Non-profits we support
             Passing the gavel to our new club president-Jon Kundak
Sub-committees working on the event:
•             Fundraising: David Huck and Hulon Webb
•             Invites: Yvette Maldonado
•             Decorations: Patty Felan and Marisol Trautmann
•             Video Testimonials: Jessica Mills
•             Catering: Joey Womble
•             Set up/Clean up: Jon Kundak and team
•             Program: Ed Reames and Joey Womble
We are sending out invites to all current and past members.
BUT the best way to get a great turn out is for each of you to help contact these folks and encourage them to attend.
If I am missing anything or anyone, please forgive me. Thank you for all you are doing to make this event a success.
Yours in Rotary,
Calling All Volunteers:
To All Prosper Rotary Club Members and Others Who Want to Help:
Our next Adopt-A-Street event is scheduled for Saturday November 4th. Use the link below for details.
MID-WEEK FLAG BUILD EVENT – 10/25/23 at 0800
We will have a mid-week flag build day on Wednesday October 25th at 8:00 AM.  Please consider joining Doyle, Alan, and Mark while we try to finish up another 200 flags in anticipation of the upcoming Flag Day distribution.
  1. a pair of side cutters / snips capable of cutting zip ties
  2. a ¼” nut driver with a few sockets / ¼” and 5/16” are likely needed. A cordless drill to drive ‘em makes it easier.
  3. water – stay hydrated
  4. a hat
  5. sun glasses - maybe
  6. work gloves
The work will be performed at our storage lockers in Prosper. Blue Star Storage, 1140 Prosper Trail, Prosper 75078. It’s located on the SW corner of Prosper Trail and Preston Road. The code to get your car in the gate is 6430*. Our lockers (148, 152, 153, 154) are along the back drive.
Prosper Veterans Day 5K and Fun Run
Frontier Park
Nov 11, 2023    7:30 AM – 9:30 PM