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Our mission is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. The Prosper Rotary Club serves our local community by supporting Bethlehem Place, Prosperity Place, ServeProsper, Angel Tree Project and RYLA-Rotary. Our program includes an entertaining and informative guest speaker and breakfast is served. All who are interested in attending and getting involved in supporting our community are invited to attend.

Prosper Scholarship Program

Soaring Higher

The Prosper Education Foundation, Prosper Ladies Association, and the Prosper Rotary Club have joined forces to award graduating Prosper Seniors a scholarship to Collin College. Here is why…

Parents all over our country dream that their children will have the opportunity to go to college. They believe a college education will give their children the knowledge they need to have a good life and career. Recent reports confirm this belief. In “The Value of a College Degree”, journalist Emily Hanford said, “College-educated people have higher earnings than others. They are more likely to have great benefits. A degree is not just about economic advantages. College grads are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. They are more likely to read to their children, which helps their kids be better prepared for school than other children. People with degrees are also healthier.”

If we all agree a college education is worthwhile, what is the problem? The past 40 years has seen a new phenomenon in American culture, the advent of the student loan. Since 2003, student loan debt has grown from $500 billion to $1.3 trillion and it is growing.

Financial experts see ominous clouds on the horizon. "It's inevitable there will be a cap on student loan guarantees. When easy credit for buying or flipping a house disappeared we saw a collapse in the price of housing, and we're going to see that same collapse in the price of student tuition, and that's going to lead to colleges going out of business," states Mark Cuban in a 2014 issue of Business

Here is one example of how devastating this can be to a family: Peter and Valerie Walker went to college. He became an electrical engineer and she went into teaching. They did everything they could to help their 4 children have a great life. The children amassed student loans of over $500,000. Two of the children have paid off their loans, but the other two need their parents’ assistance. The Walkers spent through all their retirement. They took a second mortgage on their home and have abandoned all plans of early retirement. What would it have meant to this family if this debt were cut in half? This story is not unique. It is happening to families all over America and right here in Prosper.

What if we could cut the cost of a college degree in half for all Prosper High seniors? Imagine the impact of saving $40-$50- $60,000 per child for our fellow Prosperians. Just imagine the lives that could be changed for those who have never been able to send their children to college.

We want to be a part of the solution. We want to help Prosper families. We want to see all our grads get a college education, not just the more affluent ones. You can help. Here is how…

The Prosper Scholarship Program is taking applications for the 2015-2016 school year. Help us get the word out to seniors. Interested students should contact their high school counselor, write to or call 972-900-2338 to obtain an application.

PISD officials state that approximately 22% of Prosper’s seniors go to Collin College. The cost per student is only $1,250 per year (2 semesters). You can make donations to the Prosper Ladies Association, Prosper Education Foundation, or the Prosper Rotary Club. Be sure to designate your gift to the Prosper Scholarship Program. Every single dollar donated will go to a Prosper student for a scholarship. All three of these organizations are non-profit 501-C3, so your donations are tax deductible. Pay for 1 or 100, whatever you can do. We intend to award full scholarships to as many Prosper seniors as we can. We have pledged $45,000 toward this goal. But we need more. CHANGE THE WORLD, ONE LIFE AT A TIME!


We invite you to participate, by providing a donation to the program. Help us build the future of Prosper!

Scholarship Program Donation

Your donation helps build the future of our community by providing scholarships to prosper students for higher education.