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Rotary Flag Build
Rotary Teacher of the Year, Connie Miserak
Veterans Day in prosper
Rotary Flag Program Donation to Cornerstone
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Greg Dyer Inducted as President

Our Mission

The mission of the Prosper Rotary Flag Program is to raise funds for local scholarships and service projects while building patriotic spirit, developing meaningful relationships, and promoting Rotary.
The Prosper Rotary Club will provide structure and direction; however, the community will be the key to its success. The community will eventually carry out the sales and operations legs of the program, relying on the Rotary Club mainly for leadership direction and administrative purposes.

How the Program Works

When you submit your $60.00 tax deductible donation, you will have a flag placed in your front yard for each of 5 yearly, patriotic flag holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Flag Day
  • Independence Daysign-me-up
  • Labor Day/Patriot Day
  • Veterans Day

When you signup we will do the following:

  1. Drill a hole in your yard about a foot in from the curb and in line with your front door.
  2. Place a plastic sleeve in the hole.
  3. Mark it’s location with a discrete spray paint line on your curb.
  4. On each of flag holidays above, we will mount a 3’x 5’ American flag and take it down after the holiday.
  5. What to do if your flag is missing (the volunteers work their hardest to have all flags out by 6 pm the day before the holiday).  Remember, other organizations may put flags out before we do.

If your flag is missing the day before the holiday CLICK HERE and your Route Captain will be notified.

How Your Donation Helps Serve Prosper

Your donation goes to the Prosper Rotary Foundation, a 501c non-profit organization, allowing your payment to be written off as a tax-free donation. All labor is carried out by volunteers and there are no salaries or administrative fees paid, nor do funds go toward Regional or International Rotary efforts. A minimal percentage of the donation is used to purchase flags and other flag equipment. The remainder of the funds is used to serve our community. Thus, nearly 100% of the funds truly go back into the Prosper community. Charities and Programs that Prosper Rotary supports with your donations:

  • We join forces with other local service organizations to provide full scholarships to Collin College for all Prosper High Seniors who choose to attend this school and apply for our scholarship. Last year we provided 45 full scholarships.
  • RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) we send 4 Prosper junior high schools students to a week-long leadership camp on full scholarship.
  • PISD Teacher of the Year recognitionsign-me-up
  • Boys and Girls Club of Collin County
  • Cornerstone NCT Family Assistance Network
  • Bethlehem Place (Prosper’s food pantry)
  • Mane Gait (Prosper horsemanship rehab facility)
  • ShelterBox-our International project providing crisis housing around the world
  • Angel Tree- we provide gifts, food, and support for a number of Prosper families each holiday season
  • Interact-Rotary for High School students
  • Adopt a Street- we help keep Prosper Trail clean for our entire town to enjoy
  • Plus, a portion of our funds are placed in an endowment account, which continues to grow. Our long-term vision is for the endowment account to eventually support a self-sustaining fund to provide scholarships to ALL PISD seniors. It’s a lofty vision, but we truly think it’s possible!